Friday Snip - Its ... Where do you find Inspiration?

1.  Gorgeous Pillows at the Design Center.
2.  It was so cold that I actually lingered for inspiration in the Grocery Store.  Chestnuts.
3.  Template for new countertops!!  Yippee.  More on that next week!
4.  Client Foyer.  Decisions Made.
5.  Carrara Marble Island top.  Did it in the last kitchen.  Doing it again. 
Why recreate the wheel?
6.  More Grocery Inspiration.  Pineapple.
7.  Kitchen Chairs.  I have loved you ... we now must break up!
8.  Yep, I stayed awhile in the fruit aisle!  Orange Peppers
9.  Don bought me this book for Christmas.  Oooozing Inspiration!

What is inspiring you on these cold winter days?

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.