Book Inspiration ... and a Thank You!

Good Monday Morning!  In the midst of my unpacking I had another box delivered.  I thought, really?  I want to place a ban on boxes.

But when I opened this ... I decided boxes in the mail aren't quite so bad!!

Before the Holidays went into full steam, Scot Meacham Wood did a little Holiday Contest on his blog the adventures of tartanscot.

I had a favorite photo of "The Boys" that I thought would be fun to send in ... and I won!!

Or, I should say, The Boys won!

And the prize ... this new book Designers At Home.

Chock Full of Beautiful Images and little stories about each of the 50 Designers/Teams featured.

We decided NO television in the new bedroom. That is another conversation.
I will now have 300 pages of lovely to soak in over the next few weeks and have a feeling it will be a book I refer to quite often.

Since Scot was my "giver" I immediately popped over to his spread and this is a perfect representation of why I love his style.

Layers.  Shimmer. Pattern. Chic. Blue and White.
Art. Details.
Masculine. Feminine. All in One.

Thank you Scot and the Holiday Contest Team!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.