House/Life Changes ...

Happy Monday Morning my sweet blog friends ... Change is in the air and I feel it is time I share with you what is happening in my little part of the world.

I am really going to try and not be too wordy, I know we really just like to look at pretty photos!

In September Don and I sold our Farm Road house.  I consider this the house where our family grew up together.  With Don traveling so much, Erin and Callie off to college and Christopher and Sammy only with us every other week ... we were starting to feel "house overwhelmed".  Mostly this was me ... Alot of the time it was just me and our dogs.

We actually put our home on the market back in May.  Nothing happened and before Callie's graduation in early June I asked Don to take the For Sale sign out of the yard.  He kind of looked at me ... and said "ok."  Just one of the reasons I love him so much, he really didn't press me ... I just told him it wasn't the right time.  I truly felt something was not right.  So off we went along to our summer routine, kids in and out and the house was full.  

Slowly the nest started emptying again, Erin left for Auburn in early August.  We moved Callie into Bucknell mid-August.  School started for Sammy and Christopher and Don was on the road. Alot.

Then, probably the most significant change that took place.  In September Murphy died.  We had a dog trainer when Murphy was a puppy and one thing he told me is that every dog needs a job.  I really didn't understand this until now.  Murphy's job was to patrol our yard every morning and every night.  I used to tell the kids that Murphy is letting all the little creatures know he is watching and listening as he literally circled the property barking twice a day.  At the same time. Each morning and each night.

It hit me that Murphy was the reason we couldn't sell the house in May.  This was his home.  He made his last rounds this past September.  
He had done his job and he had done it very well. 

Two weeks later we put our house on the market on a Monday.  It sold on Tuesday Night.  I do believe things happen for a reason and I should listen to my instincts more often!

We have been on the hunt and I think quite possibly seen every home on the market in the two town area where we live and want to stay for Christopher and Sammy to finish school.

We found one just a mile away from our Farm Road house ... which is sort of weird.  But it is time for us to move on!  I am a little shy of sharing because it isn't signed and sealed yet.

Okay, this isn't the one we chose ...  But we did look at the land!
Don and I are a little like wanderers.  We like change and we like new "house" adventures.
We are calling this next one the 5-year Plan.  Or Forever.  How does one really know?

Feeling pretty positive about this down sizing ... 
Yep, Changes are coming and I hope you'll enjoy the ride with us!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.

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