Friday Snip - It's!

Some weeks are full of stuff, just stuff ... no news there!  And then some weeks are filled with the things I love ... design!  This was a pretty good one!

1.  Nothing Better than Dorothy Draper. BRASS.  BIG. HARDWARE.
2.  I picked my Montauk Daisies because of the threat of a freeze.  I killed them They lasted a day.  I guess I got to see them a little more inside?
3. A little fabric love zhushing up a PB Duvet!
4.  Custom Fortuny light.
5.  The Whole Blue and White Thang.  Thought this one was beautiful.
6.  Death Stare.  "Take us outside. NOW!"
7.  Gorgeous "fern" Stark carpet ... for a stair runner.
8.  I am still on the Chevron Bus.  Gorgeous Linens.
9.  Check Engine Light On.  Trying to Ignore it.

TGIF!  We'll be drinking wine a little earlier this weekend ... I hate the time change.  

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.