Friday Snip - It's ... Details to Follow!

1.  Texture is becoming a more and more important detail to me.
2.  Celebration Sushi night ... check in with me on Monday and I'll share the details!!
3.  Hardware detail.
4.  Persian rug ottoman.  I like this detail.
5.  Lamps coming into a client's home.  A detail that can't be overlooked.
6.  Beautiful Fall Day in Boston.  Iron Detail.
7.  Carved Furniture.  Without this detail this piece wouldn't be worth a look!
8.  Traditional Ethan Allen is bringing in the Fun Detail ... finally!
9.  Hand Painted Persian Box.  Color and Movement Detail.

I have been very focused on these details this week. 

Are you noticing the details?  Kind of like smelling the Roses.
Notice them this weekend!!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.