My Powder Room!

Y'all know I have been working on my Powder Room for a year.  Yes, a year. 
A little bit of this, a little bit of that ... and it is still not complete.
Life gets busy and I just "sit there" and ignore it!!

So ... once again, with a little inspiration from Linda ... another room will get finished.
You can hear the Hallelujah Chorus coming from my little water closet!

I would like something PRETTY ... like this.

This is a little bit horrifying for Christopher, our son, because in a house full of girls he calls the Powder room HIS.  Well, except when we have guests!

But even he knows it will be better than how it began ... 

While he is very comfortable in his 17 year old masculinity, the Victorian floral was a little frumpy even for him!

Quadrille fabrics have long held my heart ... and a little chinoiserie, of which I really have none in my house, seemed the perfect fit.

As I mentioned, this all started about a year ago ... so in the interim before I could pull the decision gun out and actually commit ... I painted the bathroom, trying to match the sick, not in a good way like our kids use the term, green/grey tile floor.

Bye bye victoria ... 

New light fixture and grey walls and ceiling.  It was okay ... but BORING, snoozefest for the masses who use this room!

Please stop by next Thursday to see the TRUE inspiration for this room and follow along while I commit and get it done!  

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