Thank You Boston ... From two Reluctant "part time" Empty Nesters!

Labor Day Weekend found Don and I as "part time" empty nesters.  We had three days to ourselves ... the world was our Oyster!  What on earth were we going to do?  No soccer games, hair cuts, football practice, shopping needs, breakfasts or lunches to be made ... oh the Freedom!

Oh the unknown territory!!

Those of you who have been following along know that when Don and I married, it wasn't only about us. 
 It was about starting a new Family.
  Erin - 12, Callie - 9, Christopher - 7 and Sammy 4 when we got married.
We have had a houseful for 10 years.  And, very honestly, I couldn't have imagined how wonderful it has been.  But now, with Erin and Callie in College, we only have children in our home every other week.  We would prefer to have them all the time, I've stated it before. I thrive in Chaos.  Others might disagree ... but it makes me happy!

So ... here we go in "empty nester" trial mode.

Holy Crap ... do we like each other enough?  Are we going to have anything to talk about besides the kids which have been the entire center piece of our marriage?

We chose to drive into Boston on the day that the Entire City of Boston was in "move-in mode".  All colleges had the weekend to move the kids in.  Traffic sucked and Don hates traffic almost as much as he hates crowds. We might have been the only car in town without a mattress strapped to the top. 

We made it in.  
And laughed. 
And the City welcomed us with its' Beauty.
And we found a million things to talk about that we hadn't had the time to before.
And we laughed.

Yep ... we agreed ... to step into this next Adventure of our life with Love and Laughter.
And New Discoveries.

And this Southern Girl feels secure in her decision to marry this man and relocate her life to New England.  

To Share New Adventures in a Life with Love and Laughter.

Nothing could be more Simple.  Or Bring More Happiness.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.