Friday Snip-Its/Fall Inspiration ...

1. Chartreuse and Greek Key.  All fabrics from Kravet.
2. Embroidered Modern Floral, Jonathan Adler and Modern tones.
3.  Birds.  I cut off one of their heads.  Not intentionally!
4. Lavender, Celery and Creme.  I have a new love.
5. In my Space!
6. Grays ... monochromatic ... lots of texture.
7.  Warm browns and mint (the mint chinoiserie is Schumacher).
8.  Plums ... because everyone needs some.
9.  Thank you to European Manor for the fun day and wonderful clients!

This week was fun, design filled and completely Fall Focused!  I was invited to talk with the customers of European Manor in Wellesley about Fall decorating ... not the kind where you just bring in autumn leaves and pumpkins!

We styled the luscious fabrics in beautiful warm hues to create vignettes with their collection of Classic accent pieces, small furnishing and amazing lamps.  The fabric textures and colors will create an updated look in any type of home!

Happy Friday my friends!  Go Warm your place up!  You can even buy a pumpkin or two!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.