Friday Snip - Its. A look at my week of Inspiration ...

1. Gorgeous Necklaces as Art. I am in love with the texture, the edginess. FDO.
2.  Waiting on Martha. The Shop. Monkey Soaps ... for the Powder Room.
3.  Bedroom Inspiration. Kravet and Duralee ... in the same breath.
4.  Bedroom Inspiration Number 2.  Kravet and Duralee. Again.
5.  Greek Key courtesy of M&JTrimmings. 
6. Come visit me on Thursday 9/19 as I discuss starting with a Classic Base 
at European Manor in Wellesley.
7. Lions heads.  I cannot help it.
8.  Glass Knots ... more new "little things" from FDO.
9.  My Bedroom Inspiration Ideas.  Starting with a Plan.  
Then coming up with the pieces that speak to the client.
Round 2!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.