Cover Models ...

I have been working on a master bedroom at Smith Lake in Alabama.  You may remember the fabrics we picked out.  Since I was already in Alabama getting Erin settled at Auburn I thought it time I stopped by and finished things up.

 I found myself here on Friday.  And brought these little items home.

Brass Mallard Duck Head Book Ends.
Orange Books.  Spraypainted. I will be doing something similar.
Little Blue/White Crock.

All to bring a little styling together while being true to the feel of the Lake.

One of the booths at the Pickers mall had a line of orange books.  That is what drew me in.

While I was picking ... this was going on at OKL.

These "painted" books are by Thatcher Wine.  While I love what he has done here ... I think I might be more in love with his name.  Thatcher Wine.  With a name like that you know he has sump'in going on!!  You can read more about him on OKL and possibly score yourself some Thatcher Wine.

It's Monday ... Go ahead and do something your Mother taught you NOT to do ... 
Judge the book by it's cover!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.