For the Love of ... Quilts

They are story tellers. 

Ours are always kept at the ready in the summer time. 

Not so much in the past couple of weeks, but generally we have cooler nights in New England and these make the perfect companion to the hammock or outdoor movie.

This is one of the first photos I pinned on Pinterest.
I am not really a "shabby chic" kind of person. 
But I still find it particularly pleasing.
It is a style boat that I would probably jump on if I had a beach or lake home.
The Quilts are what drew me in.

Mine are collected. 
I hope to see them used, loved and a few more added through the years.

Starting at the Top:
1. I remember my mother cross - stitching this one when I was around 7 years old.
2. Blue heart quilt in Erin's room when she first moved to a big girl bed.
3.  Kantha Vintage Quilt that I just added this year ...loved the soothing colors.
4.  Handmade by my Grandmother.  She gave each of her Grandchildren one when we were in our teens.

Byron, in particular, loves the hammock and won't get on without a quilt ... he figured out that he would fall through without it ... He's a quick study!

When Winter starts creeping in,  I stack them up and out of the way waiting for the warm weather to return.  

Sometimes I look at them and think I really don't need all these. 
 Maybe I should streamline and move them on.

 But more than just their functionality they seem to be a part of me and bring wonderful memories.  
I have shared these memories with my children ... and hope that one day they will be sitting on a hammock or adirondack chair somewhere wrapped up in one of them.

And They will feel the love. 
And know their stories.
And will store them away in Winter waiting to bring them out again in the Summer.

 And then, in turn, wrap their babies in the love they hold.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.