Art ... Layer It!

We have had lots of Rain.  So I have had to amuse myself inside.  This could be productive or lethal ... depending on how you look at it!

Y'all know I love a good antique market.  Well, I have this "tool room" in our garage. The tools are minimal.  The rest is piled with what Don refers to as Junk.

You know the saying ... One Man's Junk, Another's Treasure.  Yep, that is how differently we look at that room!

I told you how I want to create a gallery wall going up my stairs out of antique prints that I find when out hunting for "new" junk.

As I have been STUDYING designer spaces and art walls it is becoming more and more clear that the most interesting spaces are those that you create from what you have, Not what you go buy.  New or Old.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love bringing in new/old things ... and sometimes you don't have things just sitting around.  Perhaps another statement about my getting older. I've got too much stuff.

While I am still working on my Stairwell Gallery Wall I kind of stumbled onto this ... 

I haven't shown you my whole Family Room on my Home Tour yet.  Those brown "leather" sofas ... we'll discuss those when I post the room.  I will refrain for now.  Focus on the Art!

Remember when I brought This Home ...

I love it ... but it felt a little ... dare I say ... Brown/Boring.  It filled my space and brought in the texture I was looking for.  But just didn't make my heart jump up!

While it was raining ... I started moving and Shopping Within!  I have this print.  Not one I would have gone out to purchase.  A little "prissy/formal/old school" for my liking.

But the Blue it has ... hmmm ... I can bring some more blue in my family room!!

The Window is far too fragile to actually hold the picture ... so a few hooks from Home Depot, a little Picture Wire and here's the result ... 

Distressed/Formal/Industrial ... all working together to Warm things UP! 

Shop within ... It's FREE!!  And good to warm a soul on a Rainy Day!

Making the World More Beautiful ... One Room at a Time!