What goes Around ... Comes Around!

Yesterday at Brimfield was a Ball!!  I really didn't buy much ... but the inspiration was mind boggling!!  So much to see and getting to know the dealers is more than half of the fun for me.

I am going to share with you my most AMAZING FIND!

This Bird .... 

You see, I grew up with this Bird.  Actually, there were two.  As many of you know, last August my Mother passed away and I was faced with the task of moving my Father and cleaning out their home.  I kept so much that was special and I tried to find a home for everything.  But some things I just had to let go.  

The Two Started Here ... 

On My parents' mantel ...  You know how in life certain things actually TAKE life?  This Pair was a constant conversation piece ... they moved from the kitchen, to my Dad's desk to the mantel and back again, many times.

I chose to let them go.  And as sometimes things do, I have thought of them often!

And Today I was re-united!  Sadly, only one ... I hope the other is on a grand adventure!

I asked the woman where she found it.  Florida, she said ... I told her the story ... and she kind of looked at me as if I was totally off -kilter.  Perhaps.

But you see, I know this is My Bird ... 

Years ago my Mother had her kitchen painted yellow ... and the painters left a drip.  We never tried to take it off.

Here's the drip on the Bird at Brimfield ...

And here's the drip on the Bird on My parents' Mantel ... 

It was actually more than I could ask for ... Seeing this today made me smile ... Selling for $175.00!
I left it there.  To make a new life ... I wonder where his mate is?  Although had I only found the Mate today (without the paint drip!), I would just be able to guess if it were mine or not. 

The Thrill of the Hunt ... which has always been my favorite part!  

What Goes Around ... Eventually Comes Around!

Have a fabulous weekend!  I have to tell you ... Monday's post on my home is going to be postponed till next week!  I am off to BlogFest in NYC ... and promise to bring you lots of fun and inspiration from the Show!!

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