Our Home ...

Here We Go!  Last week I asked you, my sweet readers, what you wanted to see on my blog.  There were requests to see my home.  So ... here goes, every Monday ... until we make it through ... I will show you my home!

It is Far from perfect ... but it is our Home and where I love to flop at the end of a day with a nice glass of wine and listen to my family tell me about their day ... whatever I haven't already heard while driving to sports and other activities!

We moved here in 2007 and have really done ALOT when I stop to think of it!  I am showing you this photo from last Fall.  Football Season, thus the Auburn Flag hanging in the front.  It was NOT a good season for Auburn, but we remain ever faithful!!

This photo was also snapped before some yard work was about to begin ... 

I'll show you One of MY favorite upgrades to the house ... You may Laugh.

Take a Closer Look at the first photo of the Exterior.

Then take a look at this one ... See that pipe coming out of the front of the roof?  Seriously, that is the ugliest thing ever ... RIGHT above the front door.  Who does things like this?

We were able to work with our contractor and plumber to have this promptly taken to the BACK of the house!!

Oh Yeah, I love my Red Door as well!!  It is Super Glossy and Strong ... Fine Paints of Europe Tulip Red!!

Looking forward to seeing you next Monday to step inside with me!!

Today I am off to photo the Office I have been working on and will show you that later this week!!

It is going to be in the 60's here today ... did you see my dance??