Weekend ORC Warrior ... Part Two!

Don was out of town this weekend.  It's a good thing, had he been here, he might have received a "paint makeover!"

I painted everything I could get my hands on.  It was a weird thing ... a weekend theme of sorts!

So ... the ORC Reveal is Wednesday.  I am ALMOST ready.  I have painted, styled, re-styled, vacumed, scraped paint, and painted again.

The Chandelier.

Sweet Nancy sent me a tutorial ... I liked this one.

I had all this orange twine, and I thought about wrapping the chandelier arms in it.

For about TWO minutes.  Then I moved back to my Paint Friend.  Trip 3 to Home Depot.

 It was 30 degrees on Sunday. NOT spray paint weather.  But I dared it to stop me.  I put the chandelier on my paint towel in the driveway.  I tricked the paint.  I kept it inside where it was warm between spray coats.  It Tried to Bubble on me.  But I dug deep and kept going.  Here's what it looks like this morning.  Still work to be done.  Electrician coming at 3 pm.  Oh Yeah.


I was quite pleased with my little 60's glasses housing my paperclips.

You know I have been trying to "kick things up a notch".  I stumbled on This:

Well, HELLO Color and Kick!

I am not one for giving DIY tips.  But I have a good one.  When you go to "rim" your glasses with paint, ROLL the edges.  Do Not PLOP DOWN in the paint and try to pull the glass up.  It must be a physics thing.  I didn't take that class.  A suction was created.


Paint splattered everywhere.

Roll ... live and learn.  Just Sayin'!

I needed something to ground the space.  I tend to use black for this.  But this is a happy place filled with orange.  The last thing I wanted was for it to turn into a bad halloween look!

Bring on The NAVY!

Found this at my favorite little antique store right here in Sherborn!  Heaven on Earth Antiques.

Dog approved.  Sorry it is blurry.  I had helpers.

Thanks for stopping in ... I cannot WAIT till Wednesday.  A few more details and I will finally have my own office.  My Illusion is truly becoming a Reality for me and I couldn't be happier.