ORC Week 5 - Taming The Beast!

Welcome Back to the One Room Challenge.  Week 5. Those of you who might not know the  ORC you can see our progress beginning Here.  While everyone is trudging through the doldrems of winter (at least we are here in the NE) there are a group of bloggers led by Linda who are doing there best to transform ONE room in six weeks.  Yep, I signed up!!

I am not going to lie.  This week was Hell.  Painting this piece took all of me.  You know the drill.  I was grabbing minutes in between work, kid things, dinner (it was late several nights) and going to bed ... "just one more coat, I'll be right up!"

I wanted you to see the "colonial" topper on the hutch when I got it.  So easy to remove and create a much cleaner look.

Once I finished priming I couldn't stand it anymore ... Time to Meet the Wall!

Oh, I am going to love this ... 

So clean and pretty ... do you see how that there is no painter's tape.  I have no patience, I would rather scrape at the end.  I love the little strips of squiggly paint that falls off over the razor blade.  That is how I am.

Then, because it is so white and clean.  I decided to turn it brown again!

I am certain I am not the only one that gets selective help from the children.  Callie and I were shopping for this glaze last summer.  See this small can?  It is still over half full.  I have glazed a fireplace mantel, 3 small accent tables and a set of cabinet doors.  It's like a bowl of pasta that never ends!

And when you have your children's help ... they like to play acrobatic tricks with your things.  Callie walked through the parking lot with it balanced on her head.  Do you think that will look good on her college resume?  Let's hope!!

So here goes the transformation:

At first, I tried to paint and stain around the hardware.  I gave up on that.  They will need something done to them when I am done with the staining.

A close up of the detailing.  I used a Q-tip to get in each of those little grooves.  I was not happy.  But I do kind of like the look and where it is going.  

New knobs from Martha at Home Depot.  I will be doing something to them as well.  Just not certain WHAT!

 I have absolutely NO patience.  It is a family trait!  So ... as you can see, I am not even finished staining and I am trying out the insides!!

I am still working on finishing the staining and considering the back of the shelves to do something to kick it up a notch.  Thanks for sticking with me ... only YOU could have gotten me through this.  

Pretty photos next week!!  I promise!!



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