It's Easter this weekend. 
Which makes me think of Pinks and Greens and springtime.  Which makes me think of Summer.  
Which makes me think of Picnics.  
Which makes me think of Gingham.

Some people think Gingham is Old Fashioned.  I like to think of it as "Little Buffalo Plaid".  

And that, my friends, is NOT old fashioned!

I know you have seen this kitchen before.  I can't move on.



Which makes me think of SeerSucker.  
 New Englanders don't really connect with it.

We are culturally "SeerSuckered" into a vortex with this conversation.


And bow ties ... I won't even go there in this post.  

Back to SeerSucker.


Now that I have come out of the basement for my ORC ... the upstairs is getting painted ... 

The outside yard looks like a disaster zone. Melting ice and snow and firewood strewn about ... my dogs think firewood is a bone.

Do you see why I am already focusing on a SeerSucker Spring and Summer!

Do you ...

I am hoping to do all Three ... Hope you'll Come Back and Watch me Play!!