A Day in Essex!

Last Week Alice and I trekked up to Essex for the Day.  It was Gross outside.  Don couldn't believe we were still going.  Here's how we felt about it:

Today is Your Day
You'r off to Great Places!
You're off and away!

Essex was once the Antique Capital of The Country ... long before internet sites like 1st Dibs, OKL, etc.  

We got there about 11 ... and everything was pretty QUIET.  This town is so quaint ... once a shipbuilding town.  Still holding onto the beautiful Colonial Houses lining the roads where the workers used to live.  After quizzing a few shop owners I found out that once the shipbuilding moved on the town was sitting there with all sorts of history and beautiful homes ... and One Woman opened an Antique Shop.

The Power of One.  I am doing a little research on her, just for fun ... and will share what I find.

Now Essex boasts over 30 shops in a one mile stretch.

We didn't get to them all. 

Our first Stop ... and Favorite.

Andrew Spindler is a TREASURE.  He is exactly the kind of "shop owner" I would love to be one day ... and the kind I love to meet!

He handpicked everything in his shop.  And it all has a story.  Not just a "oh I like that" ... 

Of course he knew about things you say ... but I mean he had a story about it all!  Such a difference was immediately seen when we walked next door ... and although a nice shop, the lady didn't get up ... just a "let me know if you have any questions".  Hmph. 

Remember how I pulled down some DollHouse Furniture for a vignette in my ORC Reveal?  Well, this is what gave me the idea.

Fireplace BookEnds!

You know the salespeople that work on commission.  They hover like mad and make you crazy.  His attention was not this.  His attention was sheer enthusiasm for what he does and what he has.  And we wanted MORE!

I was a little worried about the unfriendliness of these antique fishing spears.  After Andrew spoke to me about their history ... I wanted them all!

Andrew shared the story of these "Tar boy" pictures with us and why Sailors were called this.  All about so much Tar in the naval yards ... tar on their coats for waterproofing, etc.

These Vintage Prints were sold to a Homeowner in Nantucket.  Lucky Person.  

I had never heard of such.  Isn't it fun learning!

I wish you could SEE the size and vibrance of this Macau.


This piece was restored by Andrew and headed to it's new home in Palm Beach. Go Figure.

Artist Stark Davis. Born in Boston in 1885 then eventually moved to California and worked at Disney.  Don't you see it?  You can almost sense that this Guy is just waiting to speak!! 

I am a sucker for IronStone.  I didn't buy any. 

Then, I figured out we had happened upon a local and national Design Star!!  Andrew has been published in Boston Home and most recently, his home in Gloucester, Mass was featured in the German Architectural Digest.  This made me  giddy!

From the spread in Boston Home

These Gorgeous Astronomy Balls are about to be turned into Lamps.  Yep.

This Gal made me laugh.  Goddess of the Butt.  She and I might be related!

Curtain Tie backs.  I couldn't even asking my workroom to make curtains that would fit with these.  They were almost 10 inches wide!!

Fun Mercury Glass DoorKnobs.  Why not?
Then Andrew Introduced us to these and the Folly Cove Designers

The Gossip

Look at those ladies ... sharing the gossip!  And the sheer joy illustrated in the last lady ... she seems quite pleased with the info she has just obtained!

"The Folly Cove Designers were a group of 45 Designer-Craftsmen who worked together between 1938 and 1969 producing carefully wrought designs cut into linoleum blocks and printed (primarily) on fabric.  Their common interest was in producing solid designs and in good craftsmanship." Taken From the Cape Ann Museum.

Here a few more from Andrew's 1st Dibs page

The group was founded by Virginia Lee Burton, the celebrated children's book author and illustrator who wrote "Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel", "The Little House", and "Mabel the Cable Car", among other classics, which have never gone out of print. Production of these textiles ceased in 1968 when Virginia Lee Burton died. 

We did visit several fun shops this day ... but Andrew made it special.  What a treat that we met him First!!

Alice and I stopped for a late lunch and this was our view of the marshes.  Kind of cold and dreary ... but beautiful nonetheless!!

Such a fun day and so exciting to meet our own Design Star, Andrew!

Happy Friday!