The Wall of Illusion ... ORC Week 3!

One Thing I'll Say about Linda and the ORC.  She gets her ORC'ers Ready, Committed ... and Motivated.  Good Thing. Because the Challenge is BIG and I needed the Push!

MY Illusion-Office is becoming a Reality.  Go Visit the Disaster To see How this all started!

About five years ago ... I got my own toolbox for Christmas.  I know, probably doesn't sound like much to the average girl.  One of my best presents ever!!  Don got tired of me stealing his tools ... well, now I don't have to, and DARE him to touch mine!

But I did swipe this air compressor.  
Woman with an Air Compressor and a Staple Gun.  
Don't get me MAD.

Last Week Paul and Joe built my Wall.  Now the fun part.  Since I chose this fabric, I need to prep the plywood.  Fabric straight on board is stiff and hard and doesn't look friendly.

So ... Batting up The Board.

Batting Hung.
Fabric Hung.
Trim Wainscoting Happening.

The Corners ... Taking Shape!

Up-Close Detail of trim and fabric.  I am thrilled with the "texture" of the fabric!


Crown Moulding.

We have some Wrinkles to be worked out.

Here's what is happening Behind the Wall:

ArtWork ... HomeMade
I NEED 2 Cheap & Fun Chandeliers ... HELP!
Painting The China Hutch - UGH!
Organizing ... hasn't even come into the Picture!

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