Office "How - To's" ...

While I am busy working on my HOME office for the ORC ... I found this on Apartment Therapy yesterday .... creating a Home IN your office if you DON'T work from Home.  
Tongue Twister ... but do you follow me?

If I had a little Cubicle in an office Building ... this would be my dreamspace!!

Here are AT's suggestions:

Here are some tips to get started (assuming your work allows it):
Frames: If you have real walls, go out and get some art, frame it, and get it up. Buy something that makes you smile, puts you in a good mood, and inspires you.
Lighting: Can you bring your own lamp? Creating your own lighting and getting out of the glare of the overhead fluorescents can change your world instantly.
A Rug: Do you have room for a small rug? Even if it's under your chair or desk, you will see it and know it's there.
Walls: Do you have space to 'faux wallpaper' your cubicle walls with images, fabric or nice paper?
Flowers/Plant: A real or fake plant (depending on work policies) will give you a little glimpse of the outside world.
Accessories: Bring in a cool vase or cup to put your pens in. Head to the thrift store and find something fun and small to put on your desk.
Color: If you are in a very neutral setting, add some color. Something that makes you happy and will brighten your day.

Well, my space is at HOME ... but these tips apply since I am basically creating my own form of a CUBICLE!!!

Thanks for the inspiration AT!!

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