Happy Presidents' Day!  

As I am working on my Office Illusion for the ORC I am finding myself in a funny place.  I came up with the "Illusion", because sometimes I really do feel like the rooms I see and love in the trade publications ... dare I say it ... just MIGHT be an Illusion!!

Not that I don't think these gorgeous homes and rooms don't exist.  Of course they do ... and oh the lucky folk that get to actually live in them.  

As I am day to day working in real homes of families wanting to create a space that is welcoming and happy, there is a lot to consider.  First and foremost ... how to get the best bang for the buck.  I prefer not to just hop on over to Home Goods to fill the lacking spaces, but sometimes I do ...  whatever I do I try to make each space unique and true to their style.  Even when I come away very pleased with the results of a space I have worked on, and know my clients are very happy, I have always felt the reality that some of the spaces would never be able to grace a Magazine Spread.  

Okay ... I am rambling on because I came across this photo in the March Elle Decor

Now, this home in the south of France belongs to a Vintage Textile Dealer ... it is her family's country farm house.  Something I most likely will never have the ability to own.  So ... forgive my being a little snarky, not something I normally do.

But really ... is this space BEAUTIFUL ... OR are we fooled into the "illusion" of a life in France and the fact it is in Elle Decor ... it must be?  I think I might be afraid to sit there!

I'd love your thoughts about the Illusions we are fed on a daily basis!! 

Hope you are all enjoying a nice long weekend! Kids are out for the week ... but I still have marching orders for myself while focusing on my own little Illusion happening in the basement!