The Pink Pagoda!!

The Pink Pagoda is giving this Blue and White ... GiveAway!!

Pink Pagoda

Jennifer from TPP is giving this precious Blue and White Vase Away to a lucky Winner on Saturday!  Jennifer is the Queen of Blue and White ... I have never thought about B&W so much until I met her. When I am shopping for clients or me, whenever I find B&W I feel it my duty to share with her!!  Not only is SHE a doll ... so is her ART!  Have you seen it?  Check it out here!
Go here if you want to WIN!!  Hope everyone is having a good night ... we are gearing up for the 
Storm of the Century!!!!

I have to say ... I am a little hesitant in SHARING this ... I want this little vase ... but I know I should share.  It's the Southerner in me!!

Here's what is happening here tonight ...

The Coyotes are howling ... Seriously.  Weird and Wonderful all at the same time!

May the Odds be EVER in Your Favor!