Last week I finished My Father's move from Atlanta.  I arrived Wednesday around noon and headed up GA 400 not anticipating going into a very quiet, scarcely furnished house full of memories and no one to share them with.  I needed to feed my soul before my task at hand.

I have read about Boxwoods before and knew it would hold some treasures and eye candy for me.  Y'all know I LOVE New England and truly can't imagine myself living anywhere else.  But the shopping cannot hold a candle to Atlanta.  Don't be offended my sweet Boston stores, you are just few and far between.  Atlanta seems to have design tucked into every corner of every road!

Boxwoods did not disappoint.  

You cannot be in the South without finding a Fabulous Monogram!

How fantastic are these chairs?  Seriously!!!

And this little lamp has some attitude going on ... and gave me a laugh ... !

The Table Settings provided a little inspiration for 2013!  Notice how beautiful, but really very simply done.

Take the sign off the front door ... and I would MOVE in!!

Do you have favorite Go To Shops to get your creative juices flowing?  I will miss being in Atlanta quite as often as I used to be.  But I know I will find a way to squeeze a Fix in!!

Have a wonderful Weekend!