Southern Influence!

New England is embracing the GRIT!

One of the biggest changes in moving to New England, besides the OBVIOUS weather, was the grocery store!!

I cannot buy field peas (my favorite) in the frozen OR fresh section of the grocery.  If I search hard I can sometimes find butter beans.  We have plenty of the big meaty Lima's ... ick. 
Then the grits.  I can only find them in select places and then all I can buy is Quaker Oats Quick Grits.  They are fine in a pinch.  A REALLY big pinch! 

This has led me to a life of smuggling.  For the past 8 years I stock up when I am in the South.  I have even had them shipped.  I know, it is an obsession!  Nothing like good ol' Stone Ground Grits!  Now I know I can head into Boston and get my Grits with Lobster.  I am loving this ... Hallelujah Chorus is Singing!!

Have a Wonderful Weekend and hope to see you back next week as I share several projects that are perking along!