Ice Cream and Windows!

There is a lot of ANGST in my house right now.  The kids are  about to revolt.  Ice Cream has been taken out of the lunch room.  Seriously?

It all started Wednesday, the first day of school.  Sammy came home in a huff.  "I wanted a cheeseburger today and was told that we can't have cheese anymore.  It is fattening!!"

I kind of shook it off ... and said well, they are trying to be a little more healthful.  She retorted with this ... "they have taken away everything ... now they even serve us WHOLE WHEAT pasta?"  Can you even imagine a thing more horrifying for a girl who LIVES on ... I'm sorry, I'm probably a horrible mother ... but WHITE FLOUR pasta.

We moved on ... then Friday came.  WE are not fat mom??? Why are they taking away all the GOOD Food?  Christopher, 5'10" 180 lbs of pretty solid stuff ... plays football and lifts weights.  He is HUNGRY at lunch ... and he could only have ONE hot dog. "MOM! I am starving ... I was only allowed one hot dog today."

Callie ... "We don't get ICE CREAM anymore.  Evidently Michele Obama has declared America FAT and we can't have anymore ice cream!!!!"

Please I am not making a political statement ... just a Mom's view.  My kids aren't fat, they're not unhealthy skinny either.  They are just normal kids ... who like ice cream. And honestly, I'd rather have them eat ice cream at noon in school where they have the rest of the day to burn the calories than want to come home and have it and sit on their butts all night!!

I realize America has a weight problem ... and I applaud the effort to help ... I'm just not certain I need/want it at my door!!!

So ... that is my rant ... here's what else I got done last week ... INstallations.

Meet Alan ... he is my installer.  He Rocks!!

He spends half his life UNDER the window treatments!

Realize this bathroom is looking a little DARK!  However, you get the idea.  My client wanted the light, but you can see that there is a house right outside that window!  She wants light ... not to give her new neighbors a show!

Then a little bedroom Warm Up!

I LOVE window treatments ... The warmth, the color, the life and even the acoustic help that fabric gives.  As much as I try the minimalist, no window treatment look ... I can't do it.  Maybe if I lived at the Beach, I do not.  

Lucky for me, I have clients who feel the same way!  Let me know how you are warming up your home for Fall ... or NOT?