Diggin' on DIGS!

Don't you love it when you stumble upon some THING or some ONE that you just DIG ... well take a gander at what Joceyln Chiappone of Digs Designs has been up to! 

Y'all know I have seriously tried NEUTRALS ... they are pretty, the are serene ... but these Colors!!  And the Pucci Inspired Chair backs ... ahhh ... 

And a little Animal ... AND Ikat ... 

Okay, I'll do neutral chairs if I can have Wallpaper Backed BookShelves!

Chinoiserie Anyone?  You know what I love about this dining room? Besides the obvious?  I work on alot of older homes with low ceilings ... they are tricky.  This is room has a low ceiling and it doesn't look it ... Kudos!

TEAL (is that an outdated color name?) but I do love the color of these doorframes.  ooh and look at those dutch doors?

Old Fashioned Colorful Bathroom Fun!

Americana Shining!

All photos courtesy of DigsDesign
When I was younger all I wanted was an Iron Bed.  I didn't even realize how cool it could be if it were painted RASPBERRY!!

I just "met" Jocelyn and I am crushing.  Bring on the Color Missy and thank you for sharing it with all of us!!

Are you still in the neutral zone?  Or are you giving some thought to bringing in some color?