June ... the Grand Ya Ya

Remember last Monday?  My love of a plan?  Well, last week didn't go quite as planned.   

Instead, I found myself in Atlanta with my Dad ... Celebrating my Mother's Life.  And what a life it was!

June was a presence ... you knew whether she liked you or didn't.  She was a straight shooter.  Every day started at the IHOP for coffee, breakfast and a good political conversation!  She had opinions ... BIG ones, in case you don't know your own congressmen or senators, let me know ... she has a list of all of them with their direct telephone numbers!  I used to tease her that she might be on the "list" at the White House.  She was proud of that!

She was the most positive human I have ever known.  She believed in the power of Positive Thinking and Mind Over Matter.  That was her Mantra.

My sweet parents celebrated their 57th Wedding Anniversary this year ... What a wonderful testament to each of them and the power of their Love.

Life is such a journey ... children pulling you one way ... parents another.  I wouldn't have it any other way ... I have been blessed.  

Count YOUR Blessings This Week ... and live life to the fullest ... this is not a trial run!  

Thank you all for continuing to check in with me while I have been gone.  I am back to a lot of Design this week ... My Mother would insist!