Weekend DIY ...

I mentioned yesterday that I didn't have many predetermined obligations this past weekend.  A perfect time to jump into a quick chair fix!  I am in the process (slow birth actually!) of turning my unfinished basement/laundry/workout/junk room into my office.  It currently IS my office, soooo uninspiring!!  So without the ability or desire to completely transform/gut/rebuild this space I am slowly trying to pep it up a little!!

A friend's sister was moving ... and she didn't want this chair ... my sweet friend knows my obsession!  It has been sitting in my "office" for about a year now!

You know I'm a Krylon girl ... but Home Depot was out of Krylon Kelly Green.  I have to say, I am kind of enamored by the Rust-oleum.  It just might sway me.  I am flexible like that.

Found this orange/white/pink chevron fabric for $15.99 a yard.  I only needed two yards.  I could splurge!

You can see the original faded and stained blue/white toile.  While I am a very loyal toile fan, this was not my vision.

Ready for placment!

 Close up of the fabric ... hard to tell, but that small stripe is a "pale" hot pink!

Don was traveling ... I could make a mess in the dining room without his knowledge. Who am I kidding?  He is totally used to this.  I think he tries to run away on occasion!