Tuesday on the Cape ...

One of my sweet friends had to make a Tuesday run to the Cape to spiff her house up a little for guests coming this weekend.  "Want to come?"  ...  I was out the door!

We worked on her Cape House about three years ago ... bringing in color and serenity to this little slice of heaven at the beach.  The Duralee Indoor/Outdoor Pavillion Fabric added some punch and still looks fresh and happy!

When we worked on her house I wasn't blogging so didn't have any photos.  This quick Tuesday trip was the perfect excuse to snap a photo or two.  

This is what rocks my world ... creating real spaces, no matter the size, to make family times even more special. 

And what better place than by the sea ... something about crossing that bridge to the Cape.  We both took a big sigh and smiled.  Time stood still for a few hours this week and it was wonderful!

Back to reality on Wednesday ... in the rain ... I had to pull my boots back out.  I swore I wasn't going to do that again until October.  But I did.