Travel Friday? ... College Tour!

Travel right now revolves around colleges.  That is okay.   Have you been to a college lately? I want a do-over!  I swear I would do it much differently today than I did thirty years ago.  Alot differently.  So, like every parent, I try to impress my children with how lucky and blessed and talented they are ... and to not take this for granted. I hope they listen to me better than I listened to my parents.

Callie and I toured Boston College ... in the rain ... this past Wednesday.

It was beautiful ... even in the rain.  I had no idea that BC was formed for Irish Immigrants that had no other way to be educated.  My family is Irish so this kind of hit a chord.

It is rumored that this building was designed with "The Wizard of Oz" in mind.

Witch Windows.

The Tin Man Lights.

I did not take Latin ... in either High School or College.  But supposedly these benches indicate that Toto... 

Is not in Kansas anymore!

Did I mention that it was raining ... and I had to pull out my boots again?

I am an SEC girl ... but I respect the BC Eagles.  Maybe it is because they play Auburn every few decades.  Like, 1939, 1940 and 1982.  Well, Auburn lost the first two, but won the 1982 Game.  So There. We are in the same League.

BC is better at Hockey.

Sort of ... did I mention it was raining?

Can you tell that Callie is interested?  These are her feet.  Those used to be my boots.  She took them.

These are the rumored "million dollar stairs" because BC had them heated so they wouldn't need to be shoveled in the snow.  They had to produce paperwork to prove that they didn't cost that much. Does the main population realize how much more these stairs would cost if they had to hire people to shovel them?  Then they would be the ga-zillion dollar stairs!  I barely get my back walk shoveled.

 The flowers were beautiful.

 Callie instagramed my feet in the rain.  I like her creativity!

Boston College is truly beautiful ... even in the rain.  A fun adventure ... a day with Callie.  I will stop complaining about the Rain.

Have a wonderful weekend!