Flower Power

As most of y'all know I have been working on (sort of) Erin's bedroom.  She is at college, I can do anything I want. However, because she has been away I kind of slowed down ... to a snail's pace.

Then it was time for her to come home for the Summer.  Now, this was back in May ... so to say it got me moving a little faster is really not quite the truth.  But I did take a look in the room again!

We started with the inspiration pre-made panels from West Elm.  And as I have been moving forward it just seemed a little blah to me.  I needed a color kick.

I cut this peony from my garden and put it in my bathroom.  The aroma was wonderful.  And now that I blog I am constantly taking photos. What started as a nice little flower from my garden ended up providing the focal point for Erin's bedroom! 

I thought it really looked pretty against the scroll woodwork (see it in the background?).

I have held on to this inspiration photo for quite sometime.  Now my head was spinning ... how can I do something similar?  I am sorry that I don't know where I got it.  I saved it before I started saving the all the credits for photos.  

Then I was reading Emily Clark's blog and she was offering this 50% off offer to have a canvas made from a favorite photo.

Hmmm ... this might be fun, Erin doesn't like pink really ... oh well, if she doesn't like it I'll just do something else with it!  

When I downloaded the photo they told me my resolution wasn't ideal for this size - 36 X 24.  I ordered it anyway.  

And it looks fantastic!!  The fact that the resolution wasn't quite strong enough resulted in a canvas that has an abstract feel that fills the space perfectly!

And guess what ... she likes it!!  (yay mom!)  We are still finishing up ... photos of the whole room soon!!  I promise!

Sometimes in decorating, as in life, just go for it ... nothing is sacred!!