Al Fresco ... finally!

Being a southern girl, I live for outdoor dining ... any time. Breakfast, lunch or dinner.  We have a beautiful deck and we try to spend every possible moment on it during the summer.  Winter is long!

School is almost out ... so we are in full wind down mode this weekend!

Another thing that happens over the years ... silverware goes missing ... does it get tossed in the trash when kids are clearing the plates?  Does it get taken to friends' houses?  This leaves me with having to make a sort of "mixed" set at many places.  Found this year I am missing 2 good silver forks and 3 stainless knives.  I need to fix this.

Erin and I like arts and crafts.  Remember when Don was traveling last weekend?  Not only did I do the Chair.  We also wrapped a few wine bottles!

There was a little chill in the air, but once the wine was poured and everyone was here we paid no attention!

The boys think the food is for them ... they were big helpers as we were getting ready.

Byron giving Murphy some love.

My favorite time ... when the sun goes down and the candles glow.

Summer will be in full swing by the end of this week.  What have you got planned?