Loterie Farm

Continuing our adventure ... our family needs a mix of activity and lazing ... so we took a trip to Loterie Farm to get our fill of both!

It was kind of like arriving at camp ... 

A little cabin for the day with a welcome bottle of champagne ... I like this camp!

BJ Welch, a gentleman from California created a gorgeous respite in the middle of wilderness ... to create luxury and adventure ... and he blended them beautifully!

Loterie Farm began as a land parcel received in a lottery.

While the boys and I enjoyed the pool and "cabana" ... the girls took to the ropes.

After the zip through the forest we headed back to Belle Fontaine and enjoyed the most delightful meal prepared by Margaret who took amazing care of us for the week ...

Ribs, corn, salad, shrimp, pork fried rice and johnny cakes ... life couldn't get much better!

Have a wonderful weekend!