Prom Dresses and Chinoiserie

Callie took me shopping for her prom dress last night ... she has been looking on line for a week, and I have had to veto several.  Have you seen the prom dresses they are selling??  Well, I had to remind her she is 17 not 35 and it is a prom, not the Academy Awards. And I don't need to see all of her skin!!! hmmm.  So, in the midst of this prom dress shopping ... Chinoiserie made a surprise appearance and made me smile!  Some fun outdoor living designs were in the mall for me to admire ... I think this was my own personal prize!

The Blue and White was so refreshing for the outdoor space and immediately made me think of my sweet friend at The Pink Pagoda.   If you haven't visited her blog ... you should!  Here's some of her art you can find on Etsy



p.s. we found a dress ... :)