Happy Easter ... day after!

The past week was just crazy, so many things happening and I found myself in an Easter decorating quandry.  My kids are older ... the youngest is 12 but with older siblings, she is young in age, but older in her desires.  I was looking through my Easter Decorations and pulled out a few Egg Trees, etc. I felt a little sad, but at the same time ... we were done with those things.  I mentioned this to Callie and she said "I know what you mean, don't you want some more sophisticated Easter decorations?"

Well ... I didn't know that really ... but she was right!  I tell you this because quite awhile ago (another lifetime, really) I fell in love with Herend figurines.  I have a few small bunnies that I have always loved ... so this weekend, they came out of their homes on shelves and graced my table ... I only have three and they are small.  I haven't really "collected" anything in quite some time ... so I am considering a new collection.  One small piece at a time ...

I have no idea why I have bunnies ... but I love them ... and perhaps they'll do what bunnies do over the next year ... multiply!  Hope y'all had a wonderful Easter!