Where Have I Been???

Does this happen to you?  When you discover something, or find something you've never seen many of ... like a car you might be considering, or a fashion style, or an accessory, or in this case ... A Chair!  When I find something like this ... all of a sudden, it is Everywhere!!  Making me wonder where I've been hiding out not to have noticed before.  Well, these chairs ... I don't need any chairs!  You know Don has threatened me (not really!) ... but he'd kill me if I brought home more chairs.  But I love these chairs ... and here they popped up in Traditional Home ... and these have the most wonderful cushions and skirts.  Where have I been?  Where did these come from all of a sudden?

Well, if you love them like me ... and can actually purchase them ... here are a few resources ... all sorts of price tags!

I just saw them at the Design Center for $345.00 each.  Well, we can do better. Take a look at these resources.

These 3 ColorWays - $139.00 each

I love these and think you should buy some today ... and send me photos so I can be envious.  Envious in the most positive of ways!!

Happy Monday ... I need to get a lot done this week ... in life, and design!!