Mid-Century Modern

It seems that Mid-Century Modern has become an overnight sensation.  I know this isn't true ... but the talk is up!  And here is another thing, as I have been studying up on this decorating period,  I have noticed all the familiarity ... then it hit me ... I am 50 ... I am not old, I am Mid-Century Modern!

This is Don (the one in the white shirt-circa 1968) as a young boy celebrating Christmas with his cousins!  Are you noticing the decor?  Look at the table, the lamp, the entryway, the shape of the sofas!

Here is a recent photo from Better Homes and Garden ... I've seen this coffee table before!

Really looking at this style, which I have never been a fan of, has inspired me to delve a little deeper.  And I am finding that there are pieces that I think are very "refreshing," if I can even use that term to describe something that is "so old"!  I hope you'll join me over the next few weeks as I discover how we can all feel at home with Mid-Century Modern!!