MCM - Dick Van Dyke Style

My mind is still rummaging around in this whole Mid-Century Modern era ... and finding every time I see a piece I blurt out ... "This looks like the Dick van Dyke Living Room!" What about you???  But here's the other thing.  While I have never focused on this look ... it feels right, it feels warm.  I grew up here ... and when we grow up with something, whether it is in style or not ... it feels good.  MCM is comfort food for me.

This was the best shot I could find. This is from a Rachel Ray interview of  Dick Van Dyke in the original set of the show!  Look at the "wedge" sectional ... the lamp, the round wood two-tier coffee table and the little round pillows!  Of course, the ottoman that Mr. Van Dyke tripped over whenever he entered the room!

My MCM Re-Creation:

But I would ditch the black accents ... and bring in glass and some brown

Okay ... I changed up the table a little ... I like the texture here!

Then I would probably add some pillow accents like this ...


And then place it all on top of a Sea Grass Rug

And then, just to bring it forward ... I'd layer this on top of the seagrass ...

This weekend ... celebrate your age ... MCM or not ... we are all "on trend!"