Indulge me as I dedicate this post to one of my ya ya's ... best friend's in the world.  You see, her father is a retired Airline Pilot, living in Reno, Nevada.  He is getting older and she is trying to get him to sell his house and move closer to her ... Brentwood, Tennessee.  As we all know, the real estate market is tough right now.  So she is desperately trying to get him to update a little ... like change the powder blue wall to wall carpet, get rid of the matching levolor blinds ... can you see it?  But his "Card" he believes is his "Marilyn" room ... well, as you can imagine we have laughed about this and have come up with our own visions of what we think he has going on in that room!

Then the arrival of my February Architectural Digest ... perhaps Dad knows what he is doing after all!!

This is from the home of Jorge Elias, a Brazialian architect.  Perhaps if Dad would take some pointers from Jorge ... he might sell that house alot quicker!!

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Have a wonderful week ... Decorate with what you love ... and let your Marilyn run free!!!