Friday Drive

Don and I needed a little break from our crazy schedules.  Last Friday we took our favorite drive up the coast to Maine.  First stop, Billy's Chowder House in Wells.  A Lobster Roll ... and a bottle of wine. 

 It is Friday after all!

A lobster roll like no other!

We wandered the roads and enjoyed the scenery on this cold day at the beach.  We have had such a mild winter this year it is a little odd ... but so beautiful!

Snow on the rocks ...

No trip up to Maine would be complete without a trip to my favorite haunt "Old House Parts" in Kennebunk ... remember when we went up there last year?  See it here.  

I am looking for some architectural pieces ... for something ... really just looking!

 I came home with this one ... well, not really ... I have to go back to pick it up ... but it has my name on it!!  

 Say hello to the kitty ... the owner of Old House Parts is Tom Joyal.  If you look carefully you can see that the markings on this sweet house cat says "JOY"!

Have a wonderful weekend!