One Room Challenge!!

Linda, from My Crafty Home Life, wanted to complete a room.  She sensed that she wasn't the only one out in the real world that needed a little push to get things done.  She reached out, and the rest of us said "YES" get us moving!  We 15 design bloggers have pledged to one another, and now you, it is time to finish a room.  Just ONE room.  And we will report to you on our design scheme, progress, a few lessons along the way ... and a completion in 6 weeks!  Please join us ... be sure to take a look at everyone's site and see what everyone is up to on these cold days of winter!  We will update you every Wednesday for the next Six Weeks! (and maybe some lessons in between!) 

Ready, Set, Go!!
My Room - Living/Family Room

Situation:  Just Moved In, Currently Contemporary and Cold.
Subjects:  Young Family.  Three Beautiful Daughters. One new Lab Puppy named Ruby.
Room: Double Duty ... Family Room AND Living Room.
Desire:  Cozy, Warm.  For Family Movie Night.  For Entertaining Adult Friends.

I am so excited to be working with this precious family ... they have just moved into a new home and we have some work to do.  While the lines of the house are good, everything has a really "contemporary" cold feel.  Cool blues, peach and gray "marble" tiles on the fireplace surround, matching pale blue blinds ... etc., etc.

Here's where we begin:

This was "move out" day of the previous owners.  Thankfully they moved the "built - in's" out as well!  From this shot you might be able to see the one end of a fan blade ... really?  It needs to go! 

We were lucky in that we had a blank slate to work with!

Inspiration: Warmth and Color and Life!

Duralee - Butterscotch - no longer available

When working with a completely blank room, it often makes sense to start with a rug.  This sets the basis for your room.  However, with this young family, we wanted to create the space they love first with fabrics.  Because they have a new puppy and young girls they wanted to purchase a rug that would complement their new furnishings, but be able to have something that they wouldn't worry about little puppy bites and occasional accidents!  And then if need be, they can toss it away in a year or so and not feel guilty!

Join me next week for the next step in turning this cold room into a cozy space for a young family!


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