Memories of Kites, Prisms of Today

My memories of the beach every summer with my family was of kites ... I grew up going to Destin, Florida every summer for one week.  This was our summer vacation.   It was the treat that was looked forward to for many months.  Both my parents worked, worked hard, to make certain that we could have this one week every summer to spend with family.

My Father looked forward to his kite.  He would build this "tetra" kite ...  ours was 6 feet high and 6 feet wide.  He would use a deep sea fishing reel to hold the string ... it would go so high it looked like a spec in the sky.  In fact, one year My Dad was on the "wanted" list on that beach, because his kite was interrupting the flight path of Eglin Air Force Base!!  We have had lots of fun with that kite!

Funny how design mimics life ... this week has been one of those times when these life memories have come flooding back.  I haven't thought about my Dad's kites in years.  Then Danika features the  "prism" wall she painted for her home office.  Not only is it fabulous in it's own right ... but it hit a specific "feel good" nerve for me.

I have also been doing some rug shopping this week with clients.  Another "prism" effect.  I could put this anywhere and skip across it happily!

The Rug Company London

I wonder how much our individual design choices are based on what feels good and comfortable ... based on memories of our lives.  I'll take that any time ... don't ever feel like you have to choose something because it is "in" or the trend of the moment.  Go with what makes you smile ... even if others don't get it!!