A little Chandelier "how to" ...

Do you know the best trick in determining the perfect size chandelier or lantern for your room?  It is so easy and will make your decision process so much simpler!

Take the dimensions of your room ... 20" X 15" ... add those together ... 35" ... that should be the "perfect" diameter size for your room.  Now, this is not hard and fast ... you can go a little smaller or a little larger.  It depends on the look you are after.  But this is the starting point for your hunt!

This week for the One Room Challenge we are working on several details in the room.  One of which is choosing the overhead lighting.  There are already 4 can lights.  We have put them on a dimmer switch and now we need to replace the White Fan!!

Here is our Lantern inspiration:

But at $1,050 ... we are looking for something similar.  The four lights, the "openness" of the sides and the bottom so it will cast light. 

Okay, but a little too "gothic" and only two bulbs ... 

Ballard Designs
The Winner!  From Ballard Designs.  Softer lines, 4 bulbs and open!

Check in tomorrow to see this lantern in place ... and a few more improvements!