The Language of Art

My love for art has changed over the years ... like my design interest.  Like everything else in life it comes from experience and learning.  The only art I was really aware of growing up was what my mother loved.  And while I still truly love her style, I have grown to appreciate more modern and abstract art.  For me, it is the colors and the movement. They evoke a feeling that I really can't describe.  And I happen to believe that is how and why art should be purchased.  Not because you need to match something or find a print that fits your space.  You should buy art because it moves you.  I don't mean to be weird about this or existential ... but just let it speak to you.

Brad Robertson speaks to me ... 

Brad Robertson

It doesn't hurt at all that Brad is a fellowAuburn grad! ... In fact, I didn't know this until I began working on this post about him.  I feel a kindred spirit ... just wish I was as talented as he is.  In the meantime, I will just save my money to bring his art into my home.

The next time you are looking to hang something on your wall ... be moved!