Hide the TV ... yes or no?

Here lies the design problem for many family rooms.  We like to watch tv.  It is horrible, I know ... but it is true!  I have to say that there is a tv on in our house most waking hours.  I even leave the sunroom tv on during the day for my dogs so they aren't lonesome.  I so admire the families that only watch tv on special occasions or for an actual educational experience.  Not real life for my family!

For my One Room Challenge we need to incorporate a television.

So ... for the family room ... the TV might have to take "center" stage ... but it doesn't have to be the focus.  But rather than going through excrutiating pains of trying to hide it ... just go with it and make the rest of the room so fabulous that you don't notice it!

Traditional Home
What do you think?

Have a wonderful weekend ... I will be pondering the television!