Happy New Year!

We have made our New Year's Resolutions and plan on making 2012 one to remember!  In all this "renewing" I still need a calendar to write on/in ... I have a mac with a calendar, I have an iphone ... I am very lucky ... but I cannot stand to use the calendar they give me.  I like the old fashioned book style and the ones with a whole page dedicated to my day.  Because, really, who can fit their whole day on 3 lines?  Seriously ... I need to write notes, schedule appointments and I like to tuck little things in the pages! This cannot be done on a digital piece of equipment!   I was thrilled to find these fabulous leather bound calendars and journals by Cavallini & Co. from Jenni Bick.  Because if you ARE going to have a little notebook calendar, it also needs to be pretty!  It is not too late to order one for this year ... Mine was embossed and delivered in 2 days ... the simple things that make me smile!

Jenni Bick
I am determined to be more organized this year ... that comes a little hard for me, I tend to get sidetracked very easily.  So ... sorry to be a bore, but I am going to share with you how I am going to make this year run smoother.  Starting with Christmas ... yes, I am starting now.

January - Give in, by the large artificial tree on Sale right now!
February - Order cute return address stamp thing that I never have when I am actually doing my cards.
March - Organize ribbons and wrapping paper I already have, choose 2012 theme and buy it! (I tend not to use designated Christmas paper, so this shouldn't be hard!)
April - Find fabric for Christmas Table Skirt ... have it made NOW!
May - Look for some festive new appetizer recipes and do a few trial runs!
June - July - August - Enjoy Summer!
September - Take stock of the outdoor spaces and have a plan come December!
October - Make certain all table linens are cleaned and pressed, polish all silver.
November - Make Biscottis and Deliver the Week after Thanksgiving
December - Decorate my new artificial tree, plug in the lights, sit back and enjoy the Season!

Maybe this will help you ...  perhaps you have some good tips to make your year run more smoothly.

My new calendar ... a clean slate and planning to fill it up this year with things worth remembering!

Happy New Year ... make yours a good one!