The Grove House ... Ireland!

One of my favorite vacations was to visit Ireland and my family ... whom I didn't know! What gracious hosts the Irish are! I met cousins of my mother ... all children of my Grandfather's siblings.  Grandaddy Bill came over to America like so many in the 20's ... he made a wonderful life for his family and although had fabulous stories to tell about Ireland he never wanted to return.  He left when he was 18 and life was tough.  Several years after he passed away one of my Mother's cousins got us all to commit to meeting up in Ireland.  It was truly special.  On our trip we truly stumbled upon the Grove House in Skibereen.  Do you ever go somewhere and are so moved that you try to recreate it when you come home?  Well ... this is how I was impacted by the Red & White.  Several months later I had a Red & White Guestroom!  I am so sad I don't have photos to show you ... but that was before my camera became attached to my hip!!

Here is one of the bedrooms in "The Barn" at the Grove House.  The heart pillow might be new!!!

I do have a few photos from our trip ... but these aren't scanning very well, they're old ... so please excuse the quality, just notice how The Barn is still as wonderful as when we were there!!

        Erin & Callie in the Kitchen               Peeking over the Loft                    On the Red & White Bed!

The setting and accommodations were simple, but so warm and enchanting ... the owners were so delightful and made our stay.  We had breakfast in the main house each morning and used this little Inn as home base as we discovered the beauty of Ireland!

Dreaming about a return visit!