Forefront 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon

This inexpensive Cabernet, about $14.00, by the famed Pine Ridge vineyards is…well not my style. Not that it’s lousy, it is just not my cup of tea…so to speak. Heavily extracted, with deep, dark cherry and cocoa flavors. Smooth to the point it seems like it has no tannins at all. This wine falls into that “New Age” category where terroir, tannin, delicacy of fruit and craft of the winemaker are replaced by the overpowering, manufactured taste of fruits that have little semblance to the real thing. You can pick up nuances of fruit but they are so over blown that they are hardly recognizable, almost like the winemakers used dehydrated cherries from Chernobyl.

Truly this wine would only work well with the hardiest of BAR-B-Q, or perhaps a Hershey Bar. Beyond that, just too much for me.

Enjoy the wine.