A Day On the Farm!

It has always been my dream to live on a Farm.  I am still working toward that ... but in the meantime I try to live the "Farm Life" ... My own little version anyway.

The past few weekends have been so glorious here ... 50 - 60 degrees in January!  The typical Saturday morning starts with a visit to Sally's Farm ... for Fresh Eggs.  

Every day fresh eggs are put into the little refrigerator in this side of the Barn.  Honor System, drop your $3.00 in the box and take your eggs.  Have you ever eaten fresh eggs ... you will never want to buy eggs at the grocery again!

 This past weekend there was a note from the Chickens!  They were a little behind in production since the holiday baking season kind of took a toll on them.  They are rapidly gearing back up!

Driving off of this Farm you feel the peace of this quiet life.  Boston is only 40 minutes away so we can get the city fix if we want.  But mostly we love this!

Then there is Lou, our milkman!  Lou comes every week with our fresh, organic milk!  The glass bottles that it comes in makes it taste colder and fresher ... and I never have to run to the grocery because we are out of milk!

 I knew Lou would become part of the family when he made friends with the beasts in our yard!!

Because of the mild temperatures we have been able to keep up with the brush burning ... Christopher is the man in charge of the Fire Pit!

This was the beautiful "Wolf" moon from our back yard this past weekend ... what a great way to end a Day on our "little" Farm!!

Have a wonderful weekend ... going to be a little colder for us here!