The year is winding down and in the blink of an eye they will be uncrating Dick Clark and propping him up on stage to once again dribble in New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2012. As that crazy Waterford crystal ball sinks lower and lower, ticking away the last few seconds of 2011 Kim and I will ask each other…the question, “do you have any New Year’s resolutions”?

So, to avoid blurting out…lose weight, get more exercise, live for the moment, be more fiscally prudent or any of a thousand other clichés that could pop into my head at 11:59:55PM on December 31st.  I am strategically preparing my resolutions in advance. 

Here they are:

·       Drink more Champagne – we simply do not drink it nearly enough. Champagne is fantastic. It matches nicely with a plethora of dishes, can be enjoyed as an aperitif or by itself.  Champaign is certainly a celebratory beverage, but why wait for a celebration?

·       Try a box wine. Ok I said it…yup, going to do it next year. Other than my initial knee jerk reaction of OMG never, at the very mention of box wine, I do not know much about them. The storage concept is fantastic, you will never enjoy a corked wine from one of those baby’s, they last for several days in the fridge and some of the major producers are now manufacturing them…let you know what I think when I get my courage up.

·       If we happen to be entertaining or are out with friends and get into a multiple bottle night, drink the good bottle first, then go to the second string. I am not saying go straight to Ripple the second time around, but seriously after your palate goes as deaf as a haddock following the second glass, why pay for the really good stuff if you cannot truly enjoy it.

·       My last resolution is to drink the good stuff (first of course)! We are bustin it out this year. You know… those wines in the basement…waiting for just the right moment or occasion. Well next year is the right moment and occasion and we’re going bottoms up. Honestly why wait, life is short…enjoy the wine. Oh yeah, and one last thing, lose weight and get more exercise.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and thank you for reading.

See you in 2012.